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Helicopters and Bees

For the past three days, helicopters have flown low over the area, usually in the mornings.  The timber company across the creek is either thinning trees or clear-cutting, so maybe they're checking the progress.   During the fly-overs today, hubby was checking hives across the road at the neighbor's sunflower field and I was checking some… Continue reading Helicopters and Bees

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Yesterday, I temporarily deferred my equal rights ideologies and stepped back (way back) into a hunter-gatherer role,  trailing along behind the man of the house, picking berries while he did the manly task! There are so many beautiful ripe blackberries on our property, but they are so hard to get to.  At the best of… Continue reading Hunter-gatherers

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Using Voice Recorder for Hive Inspections

It's hot.  It's humid.  I'd just spent 45 minutes pushing the lawnmower up and down slopes that should be bush-hogged, not mowed.  (We set the mower up high so I can get over branches and stumps.)   When I realized I'd left my clipboard in the shipping container, I decided to just record what I was… Continue reading Using Voice Recorder for Hive Inspections